Everyday is a Must for Cleaning Your Carpet

Vacuuming is by far the most important daily carpet maintenance activity that can be performed,Everyday is a Must for Cleaning Your Carpet Articles but tineco floor one s5 steam wet dry vacuum cleaner it is rarely performed frequently enough or with the type of zeal necessary to effectively remove soil.

Dry soil is by far the most damaging type of contaminant routinely exposed to carpet. Dry soil has razor-like edges that cut Tineco UK and scar carpet fibers. These scars cause the reflection of light to be bent, which creates a dull, hazy, dirty appearance on the carpet surface. Similar to scratched glass, the fiber appears dirty, and this damage is irreversible. When water is added during the carpet cleaning process, the water fills these crevices and the carpet appears clean. Once dry, the soiled appearance returns.

This could be the reason that traffic lanes appear soiled. The only way to minimize this occurrence is by selecting a good vacuum cleaner, and performing vacuuming diligently. I have mixed feelings about recommending any vacuum cleaner, but a Hoover Wind Tunnel vacuum cleaner offers a red light/green light feature, which indicates when soil is being removed. However, Hoover (currently) has opted NOT to participate in voluntary carpet industry testing of vacuum cleaners, so actual performance of this vacuum cleaner is unknown.

I found that after using a dry powder carpet cleaning product, it took 172 passes (in one 18 inch by 4 ft area) to remove all of the powder from my carpet pile. Normal soil could require 20 or more passes in some areas. This “soil finder” feature found on the Hoover Wind tunnel Vacuum Cleaner takes the guesswork out of vacuuming. However, after using this vacuum cleaner for several months, the dirt finder function failed to function so I was forced to return to the old tried and tested method of concentrating on traffic areas.