Chokers: From Historical Status Symbols to Your Aunt’s ‘Edgy’ Phase

From Egyptian royals to your goth-adjacent cousin,Chokers: From Historical Status Symbols to Your Aunt’s ‘Edgy’ Phase Articles chokers have made quite the mark on fashion. Let’s journey through the times, shall we?
Chapter 1: The Ancients Were Neck-Deep in Style

Let’s roll back a few millennia. Ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians, Sumerians, and Chinese, were the pioneers of the choker trend. Pharaohs and common folk alike wore them, not just to show off their impeccable sense of style, but also for protection and power. The chokers from this era were often gold and embellished with gems, making everyone look like they were dripping in 강남안마 opulence. Cleopatra probably had a whole closet just for chokers. Extravagance? More like neck-stravagance!
Chapter 2: The Middle Ages – Not Just Jousting and Plagues

Jump to medieval times, chokers became a symbol of wealth among royals and the elite. They were adorned with pearls, velvet, and even more precious gems. And in case you’re wondering – no, they weren’t just tight to keep one’s head from rolling. They were fashion, darling!
Chapter 3: The Victorian Era – Mourning, But Make It Fashion

The late 19th century saw chokers take a somber turn. Black chokers became popular as a sign of mourning, especially after Prince Albert’s death. Queen Victoria, always the trendsetter, wore one as part of her mourning attire, prompting the entire nation to think, “Grief, but make it glamorous.”
Chapter 4: The 90s and Early 2000s – Pop Stars and Plastic

Fast-forward to the age of boy bands, punk rock clothing was added to it. Tamagotchis, and the “Rachel” haircut. Chokers, especially the stretchy plastic tattoo ones, became the it-accessory. They said, “I’m edgy but still listen to Britney Spears.” Bonus points if you paired it with frosted lip gloss.
Modern Day: The Choker Renaissance

Today, chokers are back and bigger than ever. They’re versatile, catering to haute couture enthusiasts, the punk rockers, and everyone in between. From delicate chain chokers to bold leather pieces, the modern choker is a testament to its enduring appeal. Oh, and that goth-adjacent cousin we talked about? She’s a trendsetter now.
Why Women Today Love Chokers?

The resurrection of the choker isn’t just a random blip in the fashion radar. It’s a shoutout to its rich history, a nod to the diverse ways in which women have expressed themselves over centuries. Plus, let’s face it, they’re fantastic for Zoom calls. Necklace too low? Earrings not visible? Enter: the choker.